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Far From Home – Herb Kloss

Herb Kloss CD Cover

A preview of the newly released Audio CD.
It is available on I-tunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

Herb Kloss CD

1. SECOND THOUGHTS (5:53) – Bill Anschell

2. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS (6:45) – Don Raye and Gene Depaul arr. by Bill Anschell

3. FAR FROM HOME (7:27) – Herb Kloss arr. by Bill Anschell

4. THE CHIEF (6:17) – Pat Metheny

5. THE DOGS ARE BARKING (7:04) – Herb Kloss

6. SIMONE (6:20) –Frank Foster

7. CLAUDIA (7:10) – Jesús “chucho” Valdés

8. KINAH’S NEW HEAD (6:37) – Bill Anschell

9. LULLABY FOR SAM (5:00) – Bill Anschell

Herb Kloss, Flutes
Bill Anschell, Piano ! Chris Symer, Bass
Jeff Busch, Percussion ! JosÉ MartÍnez, Drums
Dave Peterson, Guitar ! David Lange, Accordian

Recorded and Mixed at David Lange Studios, Edgewood, WA
Mastered by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering, Seattle, WA
Produced by Herb Kloss • klossjazz@gmail.com
Copyright © 2012

Herb Kloss is an anesthesiologist who resides in Seattle, WA

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