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Jascha Heifetz Society
Steinway & Sons


John Guarino, violinist
Gerald Robbins, piano

Friday, October 23, 2015, 7:00 pm
Henry Z. Steinway Recital Room, Steinway & Sons
1155 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036
(212) 246-1100

for more details download the Program PDF

Sherry Kloss: Taiwan Tour 2009

I departed from the United States on April 8, 2009 from New York, Kennedy Airport for Taipei, Taiwan.

04/09: I was met at the airport by my former pupil Yen-Hsi Chen and her mother and was driven to my hotel. Moments after arriving into my room there was a knock on the door . . . I discovered 3 women: New Tang Dynasty TV and Broad Press International, (publisher of my book), welcomed me . . . along with a personal make up artist and a hairstylist. I was informed that in a matter of minutes we had to depart for a press conference announcing the new publication of my book, "Jascha Heifetz Through My Eyes" in Chinese, accept and play a violin from the luthier Mr Su on behalf of the NTDTV International violin competition. With joy and exhaustion I arrived, presented, played and then was truly ready to return to my hotel. But, there was more for me to do . . . as I learned that 3 violinists were anxiously waiting for me to teach them, and Luthier Mr. Su wanted me to try several of his violins!

Book Presentation

04/10: Master classes: Chung Cheng Youth Orchestra, Souchow University, Harvard Club of Republic of China (master-class, present a synopsis of my book, violin duo performance of Gliere duos with Yen-Hsi Chen, book signings

04/11: Master classes: La Pioggia Music Hall (Taichung)

04/12: Master classes: Academy of Taiwan Strings

04/13: Master classes: Taipei National University of the Arts, media interviews

04/14: Master classes: National Taiwan Normal University, media

04/15: Master classes: Tainan National University of the Arts

04/16: Master classes: National Kachsiung Normal University, visit to Chi-Mei Museum,  National University of Kachsiung

04/17: Final concert: Taipei National University of the Arts

Taiwan Concert

Aside from planned master-classes, others who observed the classes requested private hearings which I gladly provided at the hotel or other locations along the way. Members of the concert audience and master class audience requested personally signed books . . . some 50 at a time were lined up waiting for my arrival! Following the final concert others appeared at my hotel with tokens of remembrance and expressions of gratitude. I was ushered to the airport in Taipei and met by many others wishing me a safe journey and a speedy return to Taiwan. — Sherry Kloss

Taiwan Collage

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